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You're a criminal on the run from the cops. The only thing is what you did wrong was jumping, yes I said it here in Jump City where the is one rule that no one must break is you can't jump. To bad for you, now out run the cops and tag all the signs on the roof tops before they run your stamina down and take you in.

Made By:

Programming - Kris Matis

Programming - Quentin Bellay

3D Assets - Justin Lamoureux

Texturing/Level Layout - Matthew Whitlaw

Animation/Sound - Tanner Pye-Richardson

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsMr.KittyAmazzing, Meetic666, TannerPR

Install instructions

Unzip the folder

Open the folder and run the .exe

Controls are in the read me.file


Jump City.7z 16 MB